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About Us


ULA is a non-profit organization of open-hearted and passionate individuals looking to develop global prosperity and harmony through the Chinese Philosophy of Buddhism, Daoism and Confuciansim. We regularly organize educational lectures, hold weekly courses and develop materials.


Unlimited Lights Chinese Cultural Academy (ULA) is a non-profit organization founded in1999. Through the study of ancient Confucian, Buddhist and Daoist text, we aim to sharethese philosophies to help others develop a greater sense of inner harmony andunderstand deep-rooted Chinese culture. We hope you will join us for our lectures on TheClassics and other various activities beneficial to the mind and experience a greater senseof overall peace and happiness.

Our Organization and Teachers


Professor Li Bingnan/ Elder Snow Hut


Our association gathers its wisdom from Professor Li Bingnan. Proficient inConfucianism, Buddhism and Daoism, he dedicated his life to sharing Chinese culturethrough various education and charitable endeavors. He was also Chief Secretary tothe 77th Confucius descendant, Kong Decheng for 48 years until he retired at the ageof 95

Cofounder: Tang Yuling

Born in 1958, Teacher Tang is the founder of ULA. He developed a keen interest in Buddhism at an early age leading him to become a student of Li Bingnan at the Taichung Buddhist Society. He later received a degree in chemical engineering which he used to restore ancient treasures at the National Palace Museum. His passion for teaching ancient Chinese texts, as well as the passing of Mr. Bingnan, led him to later open ULA.


Cofounder: Lin Weifan

At the age of 12, Teacher Lin began her studies under Professor Li Bingnan. Through his direction, she developed a great interest in Chinese philosophy, such that she chose to continue these studies at Chung Hsing University. At ULA, she leads the Lotus Youth Tutoring Group and performs  lectures for college students on Chinese philosophy, poetry and other literary works. 


Our team

We are passionate about sharing art and culture to cultivate personal talents, improve social relationships, and promote collective prosperity and harmony. We regularly organize lectures and social activities that encourage generosity, respect, and inquiry. Through practical skill development, critical thinking and inquiry we are able to understand the wisdom of great teachers of the past.  


We hope you will join us for our lectures on The Classics and other various activities beneficial to the mind and experience a greater sense of overall peace and happiness. 


Weekly Drop-In Classes

At ULA, we have regular (free) in-person classes for individuals of all ages. Students learn in similar age and interest groups. Topics include famous Chinese classics such as the Analects of Confucius, Great Learning, and Doctrine of the Mean. Classes on proverbs, mythology, history, art appreciation, flower arranging, tea and many more are all ways to support the goals and growth of each person.

Seasonal Week-Long Courses

During winter and summer vacations, we work in collaboration with various private and government organizations to host free week-long courses or retreats. These are designed for people interested in a deeper understanding of philosophy. Lectures and activities include Chinese classics, art exhibitions and tours of the cultural relics from the Palace Museum. 

Worldwide Collaboration

For the past 2 decades, we’ve collaborated with  both private and government organizations  worldwide to share knowledge of Chinese culture and philosophy. Past partnerships have allowed us to welcome students from universities such as Harvard and Cambridge leading to life-long learning and friendships. 

Classes|Courses|Overseas Collaboration

Digital Resources

Taking a Glimpse through the Browser

Decades of lectures, activities, and reports, freely given by our teachers, provide opportunities for students around the world to develop inner wisdom at their own pace.

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Chinese philosophy, literature, and art through our extensive collection of over 500 free online courses.

Courses on the Chinese Classics

Expand your wisdom with courses on Confucian Analects, I Ching (Book of Changes), Xiaojing (The Classic of Filial Piety) and more!

Understand Ancient Art

Go beyond visual elements and grasp the wisdom of national painting masters with Teacher Tang. 

Family Zone!

Immerse yourself in teachings structured to improve daily habits, cultivate harmony within the household and develop stronger family bonds. Children may also enjoy our podcast designed to help them understand Chinese philosophy through fun story-telling. 

A Treasure Trove of Buddhist Knowledge

Unravel the complexities of Buddhist terminology and delve into the profound depths of Buddhist teachings with this comprehensive resource. Lotus With You empowers you to embark on a continuous journey of spiritual growth, ensuring that you always depart enriched from this treasure trove of wisdom.

ULA Publications | BooksPeriodicals and Documentaries

The Analects Book Series by

Teacher Tang Yuling

As a student of Professor Li Bingnan, Teacher Tang received direct guidance on the teachings of the Confucian analects. These books are written for individuals to help them develop inner wisdom and lead a harmonious life.  Let Teacher Tang Yuling accompany you on your inner journey. 

“Lotus with You” Periodica

First published in the year 2000, this free monthly periodical contains articles on Confucianism and Buddhism as well as includes ULA’s events and activities. Created to enhance one’s inner self and wisdom, this journal is available online or may be picked up from ULA. (available only in Mandarin at this time)


“A Cup of Wine in the Storm” —
A Biography of Kung Teh-Chung

This film tells the story of Kung Teh-Chung - the 77th generation descendant of Confucious. We invite you on a journey through Teh-Chung’s life from his childhood to his move to Taiwan and position as Director of the National Palace museum to lecturer at National Taiwan University until his death at age 88. (available in both Mandarin and Japanese)

Artist Jiang Yizi

Jiang Yizi is considered to be one of the most influential Chinese artists.  His numerous works of art in both painting and sculpting provide us with insight into Chinese history and philosophy.


Kindergarten and After School Programs

Hongming Kindergarten and Tutorial Center, Taipei City

First established in 2009, our kindergartens focus on early childhood education and moral cultivation through the teachings of Professor Li Bingnan. As students age, education shifts to promote a deeper understanding of ancient texts. 

True Plantation Farm — wholesome, natural and non-toxic 

In 2016, ULA opened True Plantation Farm which upholds the philosophy of non-toxic, healthy consumption of natural foods as an expression of harmony of people, living beings, and environment. Located in Dongshi, Taichung, the farm grows its produce using high quality soil free from of pesticides and chemicals. It also serves as an educational venue allowing children to learn about natural farming methods, care for the environment, and to gain appreciation of the effort and love put into our meals.


No. 70, Ningbo W. St., Zhongzheng Dist., 
Taipei City 10075, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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